Happy Snow Day, Gateway!

If you grew up in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s, you probably remember the ritual of watching and waiting for the school closings on the news. My sister, brother, and I would cross our fingers and wait for “Mayfield” to scroll on the alphabetical list of Cleveland schools…

“Olmsted Falls…..Orange…Macedonia….Maple Heights…..”

**Here it comes!!! Oh boy!!!**


Everyone. But. Us.

If your kids were on the “not you” list this morning, my heart goes out to them! Better luck next time!

Here’s what’s going on this week….

Choir Rehearsal Cancelled tonight: Melissa Pickens is in the process of scheduling a make-up rehearsal now. Email her at for details.

No Hunger Holiday (this weekend and Tuesday, November 20th): Hadrian and Yolanda asked me to share two things this week:

  1. Turkeys can be brought to the church tonight or tomorrow night between 5pm and 7pm, on Saturday 9am-2pm, or on Sunday 9am-1pm. If possible, we would prefer for Gateway members to bring their turkeys to church on Sunday, as we are expecting community deliveries and a bulk delivery on Saturday.
  2. Volunteers are needed on Tuesday, November 20th. We have shifts beginning at 8am going to 9pm that evening. Please SIGN UP HEREif you are able! We especially need people between the hours of noon and 3pm on Tuesday.

Christmas Banquet (Friday December 7th, 6pm – 10pm): Ticket sales have been extended to Sunday, November 25th. CLICK HERE to register you and your family now. Also, please do continue to send your pictures to me; you can just reply to this email. We’ve already gotten several but definitely have room for more. Additionally, we do want everyone to attend this end of year celebration. If money is an issue, just let your family group leader know.

Blood Drive (Sunday December 9th, 8:30am – 1pm): The sign up link for the blood drive is open now.  CLICK HERE to sign up now. As a special Christmas gift, anyone who donates for this blood drive will be emailed a $5 Amazon gift card after their donation!

All for now, have a great week!


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