After Christmas and Easter, today is one of the happiest holidays on record. Today, May 30th, is World Otter Day. (I read on the internet that it’s impossible to be bummed out when you are watching otters, so it must be true!)

To celebrate World Otter Day, overload on cuteness HEREHERE, and HERE. You can get also get a daily dose of “Otter cam” here:

Important Dates coming up at Gateway:

Start of 10am Services/Summer Picnic (Sunday, June 3rd, 10am): June–and the start of our 10am service–is just around the corner! To celebrate the start of the summer, we will also have an all-church picnic. Food is being organized by family group; if you are bringing food please bring enough for your family group, children, and any guests. Water will be available to drink or feel free to BYOB.

For those who are bringing coolers or crockpots, we’ll have an area set up behind the partitions in the fellowship hall where you can keep items warm/cold until the picnic. Please pack cold items in ice. Outlets to plug in crock pots will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis in this area, too.

Titus 2 Women (Saturday June 9th, 9:30am):  In June, Maribel Chebuske will take us through her lesson, “Have It Your Way”. Life can’t always be “made to order”, but Maribel will show us how to savor and appreciate the “toppings of life” that we didn’t request.

Invite your friends! We encourage you to share the card below in text messages and on social media.

Church Business Directory: For those of you who run businesses, we want to offer you a chance for free advertising within our congregation with our first-ever Business Directory. If you’d like to be included, please send your information to Deborah Selzle at  If you have questions, she can also be reached at 314-585-2115.

See you on Sunday at the picnic!


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