Hello, friends!

If you’ve missed our family devotionals, good news! They are coming back. We as many families as possible to attend, so please make your voice heard:

Click here to share your input.

We are asking you to share the evenings of the week that would work best for you, and there is also a space for any additional thoughts you would like to share about our upcoming devotionals. Please email Bobby Ritter if you have any questions (

Also coming soon:

Congregational Devotional (Friday May 4, 7pm): We hope all of you can join us this Friday. Childcare will be available for age 11 and under.

Diaper Donations Update (Mother’s Day, May 13th): Over the weekend we received donations of nearly 500 diapers! Since we reached this goal so quickly, we’re raising the goal to 1000. Please consider giving any size package of new diapers. All sizes are needed but the greatest need is Sizes 4 and 5, along with training pants/pull-ups.

Missions Update (Sunday, May 20th): As of this past Friday, we have collected $27,224 towards our goal.

Hope many of you will join us on Friday!


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