From Novosibirsk – Great News!

Gateway Family,

Recently we received the letter below from our brothers and sisters in Novosibirsk and Omsk.  God is doing great things in the Eurasian churches! Read and be encouraged:

Dear brothers and sisters,
Being far from you, we are feeling that you so close to us. We see how your financial support brings fruits here in Novosibirsk. And we would like to share with you our joy. We are so grateful for your faithfulness and permanence of your financial sacrifices. Thanks to it we’ve started training program for campus interns. We believe they are our future and through them God going to lead His Kingdom in future. It is our faith. We believe that this young man and woman going to plant new churches in nearest future.

Here they are.

Georgiy Diasamidze.  I’m 24.   I was baptized in 2006th.  I’m in a ministry since 2014th. My dream is to be in a ministry all my life.
Georgiy Diasamidze

My name is
Tolstikov Danil. I was born in 1999th and was baptize in 2013th. I am a part time campus minister. My dream is to glorify God.
Tolstikov Danil

My name is Vlad Tkachenko. I am 19. I was baptized in 2012. In this September I’ve started to work in a church. My dream is to lead church.
Vlad Tkachenko

Ruslan Chernykh
. I am 26 years old. I was baptized 3 year ago. From March 2015 I’m in a ministry. My dream is to be useful for God.
Ruslan Chernykh

Masha Puchkina
. I love God and people. I like  to sing and to cook. I rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. I have a dream to see my grandchildren’s baptizing.
Masha Puchkina

Yulia Galay. I was baptized in 2014. I have a dream to lead a church with my husband. If God’s will I want to plant a church and to become wife of elder.
Yulia Galay

Lena Levchenko
. I’m 25. I was baptized in 2011.Мне 25 лет. I want to give up all my life to serve God in any ways He wants.
Lena Levchenko

My name is
Belanova Varya. I grew up in church and was baptized in 2011. I have a dream to make high-professional worship in a church.
Belanova Varya

Yaroslavna Petrova. I’m 21 years old. I was baptized in 2014 and one year later came to ministry. I like to sing and to draw. I dream to be in a ministry all my life. And I want to see all my family baptized.
Yaroslavna Petrova

Please, keep them in your prayers.

Also we have good news from Omsk Church of Christ.

There are 34 disciples in Omsk Church of Christ, 13 brothers and 21 sisters.

In this year we have celebrated 14 years, since 2001 the church was planted in Omsk.

Misha and Nastya Pavstyuk are leaders of Omsk Church. We’ve moved to Omsk from Novosibirsk Church in 2010 year. God blessed us with two boys. Ivan is older son, he is 3, 5 years old and Stepan he is only 6 month old. We love Omsk church and happy to serve God in Omsk, but sometime it is not easy. We are fighting for baptisms in our church.

Through a lot of prays, God gave us the baptism in September 2015th. At the first time Yura came to the church 12 years ago, he started to study the Bible and even repented in his sins, but came back to the world. After 12 years he got tired to live in sins, and decided to start study the Bible again. But he lost all contacts with disciples. He have remembered only one our song “Rejoice Rejoice in the law of the Lord” He typed this words in Google and find the website of Moscow Church, and through  this site he find our site in  the Omsk. After one month of studying the Bible he was baptized in Irtysh River. God Almighty!

Dear brothers and sisters, we so thankful for all of you, your prayers and love, your faith in us. And of course for all of your offertory during all this years. Thank you so much. Please continue support us in future, and at first in your prayers!





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